The Annual Dutch Art Fair 2015

With about 200 Dutch and international artists I exhibit my pieces on a small stand on the 5th ADAF in Amsterdam on 26.-27.  September, 2015. My stand nr 92 is in Blauwe Hal, just beside the doorway.
I’ve got couple of tickets to give, in case you want to visit the fair and my stand, send me an email. (A comment on 24.9. : Thanks for contacts Han, Esther, Ria! Tickets are emailed, see you at the fair!)

One of the partners in the show is the great Dutch magazine Textiel Plus

More information and routes about ADAF.

ADAF in Facebook

Added comments 2.10.2015:
-images added
-Number of visitors in ADAF was 2 558
-ADAF bought and received publicity in the following media (amongst others): Telegraaf, Volkskrant, Trouw, Parool, Groene Amsterdammer, UitKrant, UitMail, Textiel Plus, kM, Vind magazine, Hillegersberg Lifestyle, NCRV Galerie Gids, AVROTROS Kunst & Cultuur magazine, COLLECT Kunst – Antiek – Design, Vrij Nederland, etcetera

-Thanks for Marian Bijlenga for helping with installing the stand!
-Thanks for all the visitors and the nice and encouraging feedback! I learned a new word in Dutch: mooi!

adaf9_2015b  adaf_logo



  1. Ben geintereseerd in jouw werk en zou graag de ADAF bezoeken. Ben ook in Rijswijk onder de indruk geraakt.

    Vriendelijke groet
    Esther Le Belle

  2. Dear Raija,

    I wish you all kinds of LUCK! Elsa

    22 sep 2015 kl. 07:44 skrev among fibres :

    > >

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