hem : hjem : koti : heim : heima : angerlarsimafik in CPH

Artist book exhibition hem : hjem : koti : heim : heima : angerlarsimafik have been traveling around Nordic countries over a year and is now open for the last time in Nordatlantens Brygge, Copenhagen. Opening is 20. June, 2014, at 16-18 and the exhibition is open until 24. August, 2014.
It opened for the first time in Silkeborg Bad Art Center,  6. May – 11. Aug, 2013, DK.
After that it has been seen in following locations:
-“Katuaq” – Culture House of Nuuk, Greenland, 9. – 30. Oct, 2013
Nordens hus i Reykjavik, 25. Jan – 23. Feb, 2014
Doverodde i Nordjylland, 7. May-13. June, 2014
-Nordatlantens Brygge, CPH, 20. June – 24. Aug, 2014

Danish artist Hanne Matthiesen curated nordic exhibition of 33 artists. More information about the exhibition and other events connected to it can be found from:

Articles about the exhibition:
in danish
in islandic

Invitation cards:



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