Galeri 5, Istanbul

  • Raija jokinen & AIno Kajaniemi
    Exhibition is open in Ümraniye, Istanbul
    4. Oct – 12. Nov, 2013

    Galeri 5, Istanbul
    Three of these pieces were made on September 2013 and the making process of the second from the left can be seen on a video ( ).

    Aino’s tapestries.

    In addition to torsos I hanged portraits and some abstract pieces too.

    opening1Opening on the 3. Oct, 2013.
    On the 4. Oct we organized a short workshop to children. The theme was the gördes knot that we have in common. We all know oriental and turkish carpets and in Finland we have a traditional textile called ryijy (a rug) that is made with a similar knot as the oriental carpets. We learned how to make the knot and discussed how the technique could be used in a new way.

    It was fun! Thanks to all the participants and organizers!

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